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Membership is open to all microelectronics companies including semiconductor, flexible hybrid electronics, display, MEMS, and related industries. Membership dues are based on combined annual sales revenues in these an other advanced technology supply chain areas.

After your application is submitted, SEMI will verify the information provided and contact you. We will create an invoice once all company demographics have been set, and your membership will be activated when payment is received.

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Company Demographics

Membership dues are based on micro-electronics-related sales revenues and should include wholly owned subsidiaries (100% owned): these subsidiaries will receive full SEMI membership benefits.


Privately Owned

Publicly Owned


1 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 499

500 - 1,000

1,000 - 5,000

5,000 - 10,000

More than 10,000

SEMI uses annual sales revenue to determine membership category and dues. This information is kept confidential and not published or shared in any way.

Under $5 Million

$5 Million to $25 Million

$25 Million to $100 Million

$100 Million to $500 Million

$500 Million to $1 Billion

$1 Billion to $2.5 Billion

Over $2.5 Billion



Reasons for Joining

Indicate the main purpose for your company becoming a SEMI Member

Advocate for our Industry

Enhance our Industry Knowledge

Expand our Network

Gain Access to Industry Events and Developments

Get our Company Name Out There

Take Advantage of Group Purchasing

Take Advantage of Member Discounts

Primary Company Contact

Each company must designate one primary contact who will receive membership renewal notices and is responsible for completing future company profile updates. This person must be knowledgeable about the company products and organization.

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Primary Market Category

Which category most closely relates to the largest percentage of your company's revenue?



Display/Flat Panel Display

Photovoltaic (PV)/Solar

Consumer Electronics

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

EMS/Contract Manufacturing/Precision Engineering



Manufacturing Equipment (OEM)




Flexible Hybrid Electronics/Printed Electronics

LED/Solid State Lighting

Secondary Market Category

Which secondary category most closely matches what your company sells?

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Primary Products / Services

Which product most closely relates to the largest percentage of your company's revenue?

Products / Services for Primary Market Category:

Balance of Systems

Device Manufacturing

Device Manufacturing: Those companies that make or design some type of finished electronic component.

Equipment and Sub-Systems

Equipment & Sub-systems: Equipment includes those companies that make NEW equipment used in the manufacturing process for Semiconductors. Subsystems includes items used to manufacture systems or sub Assemblies, primarily components for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Fab Infrastructure and Services

Fab Infrastructure & Services: Categories affiliated with Factory Control or Facilities/ building monitoring and control including Automation and Robotics at a facility level, Chemical/Pure Water/Fluid Monitoring, Clean Rooms, Contamination Control, Gas Monitoring, HVAC, Temperature, & Waste Control


Materials: Those companies that make or provide the materials used in the manufacturing process. Often referred to as Direct Material Suppliers.


Services: Companies that provide Services or Consulting on a fee basis, including Services or Consulting such as Sales Distributors/ Reps, Process Support, Calibration, sub-Process Contract Manufacturing Services (Burn-in, Implant, etc), Mask Making, Parts Cleaning, Used Equipment Brokers, Banks, Ed

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Primary Sub-Category

Which sub-category most closely matches your company's primary product?

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